Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter Seventeen - A Contempt Order

Well, there are just two remaining items to be unpacked and I am feeling  exhausted and numb.  This simple task of taking things out of this old worn case, has turned into a very introspective experience and I am realizing that I really like the person I have become.  I am much more confident, brave, outspoken, spiritual and willing to take the moments as they come and fly by the seat of my pants.  I did not ever think that I would have the coho tees to stand up to my ex-husband since he was such a narcissist, but as I see the Order for Contempt papers lying there, I pick them up and hold them like they are my badge of courage.

As I look at the words written in this Order, I could feel my heart beat faster and a tinge of heat rising to my face.  It has been 7 years since my divorce from Carr, and I have spent the last 3 years fighting him in court with all my might to try and get him to do the right thing.  Through the fight, I have learned a lot about myself and even more about my ex-husband.  Some of the things I have discovered are rather funny and many of the things are very sad.  Whoever said that "you never ever really know a person" must have seen a premonition of my marriage.  I knew that things were not as they were supposed to be, but I had no idea of the extent that this man would go to try and win.  Well, I just have to say that he ain't won yet, and I will continue to fight like hell to get him to do the right thing whether it be via email, text, or in a court of law.  This battle reminds me of an old southern joke "why do southern women wear white gloves?  They wear them to hide their brass knuckles."  So Carr, you better watch out cause Patty is coming to town!

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