Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chapter Eighteen - My Journal

Well, the time has come to unpack the last article in the suitcase of secrets. I had blocked from my brain so much of the terror and trauma that I have experienced.  However, I have come to the awesome reality that these events have led me to triumph. By removing my Journal and reliving my past of extreme pain, abandonment, abuse, disappointment, and sorrow, I am ready to face my own words.  Words that have been written through the years.  I am ready to live and let the walls that have defined me for so long  come down completely.   I am ready to let unconditional love flood my heart each and every day. I am ready to go back to what I have known all along and that is that God promised never to let go of my hand, and even though I let go of his for many years, I know that he has never put his hand down, but has been holding it out waiting on me to put my palm into his.

The final words that will be written on these pages will consists of raw, sometimes graphic and sometimes comical events that have molded me into who I am today. Please know that for the first time in my life, I am strong enough to read these journal entries, to laugh and cry, and then them put them away in a safe place. These entries have defined me and led me to this pen and paper and I am so thankful that I can now share some of these entries with you.

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  1. So ready for the final product!! You made me wanna read on and on and on... It is simple but complex. Suttle yet to the point. It draws you in and makes you want more.. I feel like it defines you and many others. I pray it gives those strength to do what you gained the courage to do!! Love it Connie!!!!!