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The Suitcase of Secrets” by Connie Hannah is a truly inspiring story that depicts a suburban housewife unpacking her memories. Some traumatic, many tearful and lots are triumphant. The novel is inspired by a true story, but many details, names, and events have been changed to protect those whose lives were touched by my father.

CARTERSVILLE (MMED Newswire) November 14, 2011 – “The Suitcase of Secrets” (ISBN 078-1-105-08527-7), a novel by Connie Hannah, tells the story of Patty Hart, a suburban Atlanta housewife who decides to hesitantly and lovingly, unpack the suitcase of her life.

Patty Hart grew as a member of a family that qualified as the poster family of dysfunction. Patty's adopted father, Jay, is plagued with severe mental health issues. Jay continually terrorizes his wife and children throughout the years, but the family puts on a smile each day and portrays an image of the perfect, Christian, all-American middle-class family.

The Suitcase of Secrets will make you laugh, cry and hopefully take a careful look at your life. This book is a raw and insightful look into the hidden secrets of physical and emotional abuse and how to embrace these experiences and break the cycle of playing the victim role.

Written to engage and entertain readers that enjoy a page turning, suspenseful drama full of twists and turns with no shortage of giggles, tears and hope.
The Suitcase of Secrets” is available for sale on the author's blog page: The cost is $12.00+$3.00 S&H (domestic). There will also be an ebook available for purchase at in the near future.

About the Author: Connie Hannah is a wife and mother of 10 year old twins. This is her first novel and is very excited about the positive response she has received so far in response to her book. Connie has been overwhelmed with the response to her book and has over 2,500 fans on Facebook and her Blog Page has been viewed by readers all of the world. Connie began her journey into writing this historical fiction novel by bringing many stories of her past to life. Connie has found the process of creating this work not only gut-wrenching, but also one of the greatest accomplishments of her life, so far...


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