Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chapter One - The Birth Certificate

I unzipped a small pocket on the front of my well worn, tattered suitcase and what did I find pushed in the bottom of the pocket?  It was a folded and faded copy of my birth certificate.  So, I am gonna just put it out there and if I get any grief from anyone, well, I will think of something very unflattering to write about you in my book.

 I was born at Baptist Hospital in Gadsden, Alabama in January of 1962.  Yes, I said Alabama!  Ok, now that you have stopped laughing and thinking of all the Alabama jokes you know, I will clarify the fact that I only lived there for two weeks and moved back to Newton County, Georgia with my mom and brother, Kris.  You may ask where my dad was before, during and after my birth and quite frankly I asked the same question for years.  Gotta read chapter 1 to find out.....

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