Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chapter Two - The Little Pink Dress

After my mom and stepdad were married at a small wedding at my Aunt Sara's home and once they got back from their honeymoon, my mom came into my room one Saturday morning and told me that we were going shopping.  She said we were going to the Sears store on Ponce DeLeon to find me a new dress and my brother a new suit.  There was so many exciting things going on in our lives at this time and now we were going to the big store with all the fancy clothes to buy something for us.  This was just too much for a little girl who usually wore handmade clothes to comprehend.  First, my mom has found a dad for me and my brother.  Our new dad, even though he has problems with getting mad, has gotten us a bunch of new toys and makes my mom laugh a lot.  We now have been able to go to the movies and out to eat sometimes.  Life seemed to be turning around for me, my mom and my brother and this little pink dress would play a major role in my future.  At the time, it appeared to be a great thing, but as time goes by and my story unfolds, I wish I could have turned back time to the handmedowns, few toys, and eating mac and cheese at home, life would have been very different and the outcome, especially for my brother, could have turned out much better than having our souls' sold to the devil...Read on.

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