Monday, April 18, 2011

Chapter Nine - The Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper

I am just amazed at the twists, turns, traumas, and triumphs I am uncovering and rediscovering by going through my worn and well traveled suitcase.  I have experienced so much and this book will only touch the surface of the many sad, precious, loving, humorous, unbelievable tales of my life and I hope that I can do them justice. 

I reach my hand back into the piles of miscellaneous pieces of my life, I pull out a copy of The Marietta Daily Journal newspaper.  I look at the front page of the paper and I see a color picture of me leaning against a tree and a article about several local volunteer projects that I was working on.  The article also showcased our antebellum home and the history connected to the property.  The interview seemed so long ago and as I look at the expression on my face in the paper, I realized that there was a certain sadness there and when I looked closely at my eyes, I realized that this was the beginning of the end of my life and marriage as I had known it for almost two decades.

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